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Safeguarding your intellectual property is our highest priority

Providing a full compliment of intellectual property lawreal estate and estate services.

Stemp & Company makes protecting your intellectual property easy, bringing 40 years of legal expertise and service experience to every case. We specialize in trademarks, copyright, patents, industrial design and incorporation. Other services include civil litigation, personal injury claims, collections and corporate/commercial work.

Our service is prompt and reasonably priced, and provided by legal professionals who have your best interest in mind. We offer personalized, one on one attention to ensure that no detail is left unattended. Safeguarding your intellectual property is our highest priority, and we'll make sure your great ideas are protected.

Copyright Lawyer Calgary

Copyright Law

Licensing Agreements

A copyright allows you to control who is able to use your creation. This is done by means of licensing your creation to someone else, subject to the terms of a licensing agreement.

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Patent Lawyer Calgary


Protect Your Intellectual Property

A patent is the only means by which you can "own an invention" and have the right to control or decide who is entitled to manufacture, sell or import your product or manufacturing methods. You cannot prevent someone from using your idea unless you hold a patent for the invention.

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Trademark Lawyer Calgary


Protect Your Brand

A trademark protects the name of the product (brand name) or the name of the company selling the product. It can also be a slogan, logo, advertising jingle or other method of distinguishing your product or service from your competition.

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Real Estate Lawyer Calgary

Real Estate Law

Stemp & Company provides a full compliment of real estate services regarding both commercial and residential properties as well as the preparation of all documents required for our clients to purchase, sell or mortgage commercial and residential real estate properties. We are able to handle any of our client’s real estate needs from beginning to end.

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Will & Estates Calgary

Wills & Estates

Our team of professionals is able to handle any of our client’s needs in these areas, including the preparation of Wills, providing advice with respect to estate planning and estate administration, services in the areas of applications for probate, as well as applications for administration of estates, providing advice and preparing documentation with respect to enduring powers of attorney and personal directives.

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Probate Lawyer Calgary


Our probate lawyers are able to handle any of our client’s needs with respect to making an application for probate or administration of estates, providing advice with respect to estate planning issues so as to minimize taxes payable and maximize a portion of your estate that you are able to leave to your beneficiaries and loved ones and to otherwise assist our clients in this often difficult part of the law. 

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