Wills and Estates/Probate Applications

Enduring Powers of Attorney

We assist clients in the preparation of Enduring Powers of Attorney, which are used to give another person the legal ability to manage that person’s assets if the person becomes unable to do so by reason of mental disability. This is particularly important between spouses, as a spouse has no legal ability to manage the other spouses' assets without this document. Without this document, a Court Application for the Court appointment of a Trustee would be necessary if a person becomes incapable.

Personal Directives

We help individuals prepare a Personal Directive, which gives another person the legal ability to make all of the non-financial decisions that need to be made if that individual becomes mentally incapable. The person appointed has a legal responsibility to ensure the decisions and actions that are carried out are what the person making the document would wish to happen. These decisions involve issues like residence, medical care and life support. Without this document, an Application to the Court for the appointment of a Guardian would be necessary if a person becomes incapable.

Dependent Adults

We help people with applications to the Court for the appointment of a Trustee and Guardian to enable someone to look after another persons' assets and personal matters if that person is unable to do so themselves due to mental incapacity. We also assist a Trustee to apply to the Court for the passing of accounts required in trusteeship. 

Applications for Probate and Administration of Estates

Our legal professionals are able to handle any of our client’s needs with respect to making an application for probate or administration of estates, providing advice with respect to estate planning issues so as to minimize taxes payable and maximize a portion of your estate that you are able to leave to your beneficiaries and loved ones and to otherwise assist our clients in this often difficult part of the law.